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Jenna Jackson

Jenna started cheer-leading and dancing at just 3 years old. While dancing and gymnastics were the roots of her young upbringing, she started to quickly lean towards cheer-leading as she grew older. Jenna cheered all the way into her high school cheer teams where she served as captain for 2 years. Jenna grew up in a military family and had the opportunity to live in South Korea for her last 2 years of high school where she continued to cheer and dance. After graduating high school, at just 18 years old Jenna went on to audition for the world famous, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Jenna made the team and was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for 6 years where she served as captain for 3 and is now living here in Shreveport working as our Game Operations Director and Corporate Fulfillment for the Mudbugs.

Paige Vergo

Paige has been dancing for 21 years. From ages 2-18 she attended Power and Grace School of Performing Arts where she trained classically in every genre of dance. Paige was also a high gold & platinum winning competition dancer her entire life. Once she graduated from Caddo Magnet High School, she then went on to attend University at Louisiana at Lafayette where she was a member of the Ballet/Modern Dance Company. Not only did Paige perform as a dancer herself, she also has done countless choreography for dance teams all the way from 2 year old minis to the collegiate level. Paige also enjoys doing choreography for Musical Theater and events all around Louisiana. Paige had the opportunity to be one of our very own Ladybugs for our championship season during 2017-2018. Paige now works here at George’s Pond as our Receptionist / Game Ops.